Since its construction in 1930, the Brick Barn has been the centerpiece of a working farm. 

It now begins a new journey as the centerpiece of your wedding.


established in 1930



The Brick Barn was built in 1930 when the original barn burned down the year before. It has been the heart of the farm ever since, housing dairy cows, work horses and many litters of farm kittens over the years.

The barn rehab started out as a hobby and a necessary job to preserve the farm's dignity. The project became James's labor of love. He spent countless hours preserving his family's history and a piece of Iowa's traditional farm countryside on the edge of the ever-expanding city limits.

Our children and granddaughter contribute to the barn's success and the renovation design was the work of Eric Wessels, our son-in-law.

In the loft, chandeliers illuminate the space creating a soft romantic atmosphere that contrasts against the brick walls and exposed tin roof.

We want your experience with us to be everything you've dreamed of, if you have an idea, just ask!

We will do our best to accommodate your wishes.